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Content is a KING for any website through this you can win and reflect the message you want to convey. Content marketing is a written marketing that involves the creation, ideas and sharing of views, advertisements, covencencing messages and content in order to acquire customer retention. Through content, you can express your ideas, gestures and postures so that customer stays on your page convert them visitors into customers. Every marketer must have to ensure at their website, banners or anywhere that the key idea of whole marketing is Content. Either push marketing or pull marketing. Content work like a sword or create a mark on others heart.

Factors Of Content Marketing Strategy:

Making any quality content strategy you must have to keep the following items in your mind before making a draft

  • Objective (Business Objective, organization aim and brand objective)
  • Marketing research – your competitors are your best friend so sees top notch organization strategy
  • Marketplace – product, positioning, perception and promotion
  • Channel Planning – I.e. website, article, press release, social, video, blog or any other wiki forum
  • Selections of Technology while examining the options
  • Editorial direction – finding your brand story, success story and special finding / case studies
  • Customer touch points – mapping content with the path to purchase
  • Content sources – auditing, internal and external sources
  • Content production – create and curate – who does what
  • Content distribution – getting it out there


If you are good in written English and also looking for a career – then you are on the right page, start your content marketing course now and get a good job within a month or so. What trick and techniques we teach in content marketing are as below

  • What Is Content?
  • What are the causes of Content Marketing?
  • Defining Content Marketing
  • Difference Between Content writing and Content Marketing
  • What Content Marketing is for the Customer
  • How to Establish Your Business with Content Marketing?
  • What is NOT Content Marketing?
  • Identifying Prospects
  • What is push marketing in content
  • Marketing phrase and Instant phrases used to convert visitors
  • Writing Messages and Creating Content
  • SEO Content Writing and Writing Title and meta tags
  • Getting Your Message In the Media
  • Content Strategy & Challenges
  • Measuring Results
  • Blog content Marketing
  • Social Media content Marketing Channels
  • Image content Marketing
  • Video content Marketing
  • Specification of Article and Press Release content Marketing
  • What is an Email Marketing and Event Marketing in context of content marketing

Content Writing & Blogging Course Classes and Time Duration:

  • 8 Weekend Classes (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Upto 3 Hours session per class