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How to promote business with the Amazon VA

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An Amazon Virtual Assistant helps you to manage your fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business. Some of the tasks we are giving you that may help you to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant which will free up your time, allowing you to focus on scaling and growing your FBA business.

Customer Support For Amazon Virtual Assistant

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of a successful Amazon business. It can also be one of the most difficult tasks. By giving customer care to an Amazon VA, you provide them a sustaining level that helps differentiate your FBA business and boosts customer satisfaction.
Answer the questions asked by a customer
Matching orders to reviews
Following up on negative customer reviews
Responding to both positive and negative reviews
Refund/exchange requests
Managing stock and removal orders
Shipping FBA units to customers

Product Sourcing and Vendor Relations

By amplifying product selection, Amazon sellers use to grow their business. It requires upfront analysis, testing, and planning, but done correctly. Product development can lead to an increase in revenue. It is a need to choose an Amazon VA with product sourcing to handle this for you.
invoicing, Sampling, manufacturing, and Contracting
Supplier relations
Private label product sourcing

Product Listing Optimization

Optimize product listings is one of the most difficult elements of a successful Amazon business. If you don’t follow Amazon’s optimization guidelines, your product’s ability to be FBA or appear in their search results becomes limited. Product listing optimization is labor-intensive that requires a devoted resource, such as an Amazon Virtual Assistance, as you grow your business.
Create enhanced (A+) Content
Creating an Amazon product listing
Optimize product listings (title, description, images)
Keyword research for product listing
Optimizing backend keywords
Optimizing Images

Fulfillment Specialist

In FBA business, you must adhere to Amazon guidelines to get credited for your sales, maintain your FBA status and ensure a positive customer experience. If your products on the amazon store go out of stock, you can lose your FBA choice. It is manageable to get it back when you have lost your status, your product is not included in Amazon search results, which can have a huge impact on profits.
Tracking and confirming receipt
Sending FBA inventory
Inventory management

A+/Enhanced Brand Content Creation

Amazon A+ Content helps modify your product and make your brand stick out in their competitive marketplace. To take advantage of everything A+ Content offers, you need to know how to design content that pushes visitors to choose and trust your brand and you as a seller.


If you are focus to build brand awareness and boost sales, Amazon advertising and exterior advertising options such as social media ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Advertising may be right for you.
Keyword research
Analyze campaigns
Setting up Amazon audiences
Set up ad campaigns
Ongoing campaign optimization

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