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10 Common SEO Mistakes and Professional Tips for the Solution

Below mentions points are based on our personal experiences and we hope it will also help SEOs. Always stay away from these SEO Mistakes.

These are 10 most common mistakes sometimes usually done by Expert and Professional SEO.

mistakes in seo

01 – SEO Mistake is “Irrelevant or Wrong Keywords Targeting”

Keyword Research is the essential and top important part of any SEO campaign, all of your SEO efforts are useless and you will fail at the end if do not target the Right Keywords for your Website, many SEO Experts make this mistake commonly. Any SEO must do the proper Keywords Research to choose the right keywords for their SEO Campaign – Pro SEO Tip: Your Selected Keywords must be relevant to your Website and its Niche.

02 – SEO Mistake is “Do not take into account the value of the Title of your Webpage”

Normally it seems that many SEO’s ignores the value of Webpage Titles, you must understand clearly that your Webpage Title is the piece of your Page that a search engine crawler cinch when the crawler or bot visits your Webpage. Some SEO’s often makes this foolish mistake that they leave their Titles tags blank. It’s also seemed that some SEO’s use the same Page Title’s for multiple Webpages of their Websites – Pro SEO Tip: Always place your most important keywords near the beginning of your Webpage titles.

03 – SEO Mistake is “Webpages with little to no Textual Content”

Did you know what‘s happened when you publish a Webpage with little or no content? The right answer is “Nothing” on the other hand if you place good and long user-friendly informational text-based content in the Webpages, Google and all other Search Engines will love your Webpages and your Webpages gets starts high Ranking as competed to the Webpages with little to no textual content.

04 – SEO Mistake is “Irrelevant / Unrelated Content”

According to SEO standards, it’s better to leave a Webpage blank (without text) instead of putting Irrelevant or wrong content/information on your Webpage because the Search Engine pays no attention and ignores the Webpages which contain wrong information.

05 – SEO Mistake is “Using of Flash files in an alternative of HTML”

Due to fancy look and feel and interactive animation, many people on the Internet love Flash-based websites, but the main Search Engines like Google and Bing don’t like Flash-based Websites because their Crawler or Bots can’t read the information which Flash Files and Images consist. If you must require using Flash Files always create an alternate HTML version of the files for Search Engine.

06 – SEO Mistake is “JavaScript based Menus and Navigations”

Similar like flash which I mention above Search Engines also do not read JavaScripts, the easiest way to solve this kind of crawling problem is to create a proper Sitemap.html and link it from the Home Page as well as footer of your website or put the links in No-Script tags

07 – SEO Mistake is “Link Submission / Link building on Irrelevant Websites”

This is a deadly Link building mistake which many SEO Experts have done that submitting their Website links to Irrelevant Websites and low-quality Directories only to increase the quantity of Backlinks, According to Google and all other big Search Engines it is called “Backlink Spamming” and you could not acquire good ranking or lose your current ranking and PageRank with the practice of these types of a Black hat & Spammy Tricks. Some Search Engines especially Google will also Blacklist your Website if they caught you in practicing these types of Spam Backlink building Techniques.

08 – SEO Mistake is “Keyword Stuffing / Keywords Spamming”

According to Search Engines and good SEO practices using too many keywords too many times on a Webpage is a bad practice, some years ago SEO Professionals were uses these type of false/spamming tactics to cheat the Search Engine, but today’s Search Engines are smart enough so if you try to do these types of spammy keyword stuffing tricks for the sake of ranking, Search Engines Especially Google will kick out you from their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) – Pro SEO Tip: Always Write Researched and detailed informational content that can fulfill your readers/users desires as well as Search Engines.

09 – SEO Mistake is “Bad URL Format / Bad Link Structure”

There is the main difference between Good and Bad URL / Link Structure but too many SEO don’t realize this important factor. There is no doubt that with the dynamic URL structure you may acquire some good ranking. But various research proved that placing a keyword in the URL’s give your page a quick ranking boost in competition to your competitors. – Pro SEO Tip: Always try to include your keywords in your URLs”.

10 – SEO Mistake is “Avoid Blogging”

If you are not utilizing the power of Blogging then it’s a mistake, you may have to make a KPI list create Topics for Blog posts and write Blogs on various relevant Topics included Keywords and Topics in it and Link your Relevant Page from the Blog post with appropriate Anchor text to drive traffic of your desired Webpage, it will give you two benefits 1st it increase the number of traffic on various keywords and 2nd it transfers the internal Link juice.

Conclusion: These are the Top 10 SEO Mistakes that most SEO Experts usually do in their SEO Campaigns but there is a lot more to understand the complete game of SEO. If you need better learning you can join our SEO Training Program Now!

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