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How To Get Amazon VA Clients

One of the most important things to remember when hiring an Amazon seller VA is to look for them on reliable platforms. Once your virtual staffing agency provides you with a list of candidates, make sure to schedule an interview with them.
We gathered a few tips to help you out. Each VA I know has found their clients in different ways, so the best thing to do is to see which ways feel good to you and start there.

Give Yourself Some Runway

Many bright companies fail who give clients VA services because they don’t have the resources to last long enough to get things going. How long can you last without any clients or income, the more cash you have, the lower your risk will be and it makes higher your chances of success.

Talk To Everyone You Know

Sending an email or message out to everyone you know announcing your new business is all good but talking one on one to the few individual persons who can truly help you is better. When you approach people don’t ask them for their business, ask them for advice on how to get their business or the business of those they can refer you to.

Get Involved In Your Community

People generally do business with people they like and trust or people they know. Through religious connection or via relationships formed in volunteer organizations, of course, you don’t want to be the guy everyone knows as being involved in the community for his own self-serving ends. Intent on being a good member of the community first, business opportunities will naturally come to you without needing to be forced.

Get Involved In The Business Community

When I arrived in Europe I went to every business event I could find. I identified those who were doing the most to help Europe’s imaginative scene grow and then I offered to help wherever I could. I have received quite a bit in return.

Collaborate With Competitors

If you view every competitor as an enemy or a bad person to be defeated, you’ll miss out on some of your greatest opportunities. One of the first things I did upon moving to Europe was to identify competitors and reach out to them. More than half of them told me upon our first meeting that they frequently had projects they were too busy to handle and asked if I’d be interested in taking their leftover business. Last year I met with a competitor in Karachi. As a result, we are organizing a series of training and education events for executives to learn more about online marketing and our institute is called Digitalize Training and we got a good response. Together we will be able to have a greater reach than either of us could get working separately.

Get Social Online

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn offer excellent opportunities to connect with the various communities that may be interested in your services. But social media can take a lot of your time, so use it wisely. I also made a blog on my website so if any person searches anything on Google related to Digital Marketing they can get help. I start online conversations by posting on my blog about entrepreneurship and marketing, quoting experts who will share the content, and then sharing the content via social media.

Optimize Your Website

I tell my fixed clients all the time that it is going to take months of SEO before they start getting sales or leads from their website. That’s generally the way it works, but sometimes it can happen slowly. We started getting leads from our Karachi version of our website within a few weeks of launching it.


Many organizations like to bring in speakers who can share something new with their members. Often these organizations are desperate to find someone to present and all it takes is making contact and offering to share what you know.

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