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Rank Your Products on New Amazon A10 Algorithm

Amazon is the largest marketplace having a huge market share in the North American e-commerce industry. With more than 2.8 million sellers running their businesses on Amazon, it’s hard to succeed in the ever-growing competition. Amazon always wishes to promote competition and boost the presence of new sellers to force innovation. While promotion is one of the key strategies to dominate on Amazon, staying updated with the Amazon A9 algorithm is the second part of it. However few people started calling it the A10 algorithm, both algorithms are very similar. However, the main difference is the certain parameters.

In the last update, Amazon started giving more relevance to customer searches. Amazon understands that buyers tend to look ahead of what sellers tried to advertise. So, Amazon is changing its A10 algorithm to make the search results in extra related to the buyer.

Factors Influencing Amazon A10 algorithm

Amazon PPC stays relevant

In the Amazon A9 algorithm, Pay Per Click (PPPC) campaigns were one of the most important factors influencing Amazon SEO. That has changed in the A10 update. However PPC campaigns are still relevant, the focus has shifted a lot. Now, PPC sales may create the primary boost in your sales, but it is not one of the driving forces influencing your product visibility on Amazon.

To adjust to this latest change, run your PPC campaigns like before, but expand your ad budget and give attention to other aspects like off Amazon promoting which can get quality traffic to your product listings.

In addition, look at your PPC campaigns as part of your long-standing growth strategy.

Amazon Algorithm

How to rank higher for Amazon A10 algorithm?

We create a list of insights that help you stay updated with the latest changes in the Amazon A10-algorithm.

  • Discounts and promotions have become a harder way to boost your ranking. Amazon has started to take down such listings which offer plenty of discounted prices and promotions.
  • provide as much information as possible in your listings. Use all the available fields/options in the ‘Keywords and Description’ section.
  • Off-site traffic has become more prominent to increase your product rankings and reviews.
  • Reviews are more important than ever. User-generated and visitors traffic has much importance outside Amazon (for Search Engine searches).
  • Organic Search Engines ranking is essential. Build high-quality traffic and influence websites that have high domain authority.
  • To increase your ranking first, you need to have a compelling product listing optimized for your target audience. Create HD photography, use real lifestyle images that give details of your product purpose and features.
  • Get your products reviewed by micro-influencers or popular bloggers. Link them back to your Amazon product.
  • Share your thoughts and stay pro-active on seller forums. Staying updated with present trends and regular learning with neat and smart work are the main key to your business growth.


Amazon A10 algorithm aims to enhance visibility for listings with authentic reviews and sales. in fact, it’s difficult to find out fake profiles and address the major problem of counterfeits and fake reviews. In addition, it is increasingly important to listings that are optimized as per the customer’s requirements.

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