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Ways to increase organic traffic on your website

The main challenge for a business is to make sure that when people search for any product or services which they offer, they should find them not their competitors.

To successfully achieve this, there are multiple strategies implemented, not only search engine optimization (SEO) or Google Ads (Pay per click) advertisement.

Below are some ways to improve organic traffic on your website

1. Create User-Friendly Content:

Firstly, add some user-friendly content on your website, write for your buyers, create their interest with attractive content. By adding attractive and quality content users love to buy your services or product and it will automatically improve your SEO.

This trick will help you to reduce the bounce rate and try to optimize your website content with the queries that the user may write on a search engine. Optimizing for search engines only is not a good idea.

2. Add Blog Regularly:

According to the latest search engine update, blogging is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic on your site. Blogs help you to go into more depth than your website allows you, and you can create a wide section of blogs where you can write about anything related to your niche. Remember, poorly written or plagiarized blogs will harm your website ranking so avoid it.

3. Plug into The Blogosphere

Blogosphere is a blog publishing platform where you can read, write, comment on other blogs. It will help you engage with more peoples.

Quora is one of the best places to start, here you can ask a question and answer other questions. In this way, you can get engage with the maximum numbers of users.

4. Use long-tail keywords

To achieve a higher ranking on broad and short tail keyword is a time-consuming task because it has high competition for example “Amazon Training”, but with specific and long-tail keyword is easy to achieve a higher ranking in a couple of months for example “SEO Training in Karachi”. Search engines like Google, identify the website as a destination for that particular subject, in result, it will increase your website search ranking and help your quality customers to find you on the top on SERPs (search engine result page)

5. Optimized Meta Title and Description:

The meta title, description, and URL are the three main components to optimized a webpage or web post. It’s simple but effective. On-page SEO plays an important for achieving higher ranking, but meta title and description are visible to the user on google search result page so it should be optimized in such a way that attracts the user and force them to click on your website result.

6. Consistently Create Quality Content:

Try to create new content and publish it, but remember the content quality matters, the better quality content the more chances to drive organic traffic. You have your own site or blog, the more opportunities you create the more organic traffic you can drive on your site.

7. Use internal linking:

Internal linking is an important factor, once you have uploaded blogs pages, you have to link it with relevant main pages, This will reduce the bounce rate and help you to increase your sales.
HubSpot uses “Topic Clustering” terminology for this process. Remember don’t overuse the interlinks, because too many pages linked with a single post/blog, look like spam and search engine don’t like it.

8. Encourage Incoming Links:

High DA and PA sites have many incoming links, especially from other authentic sites. Ask your clients, colleagues, relatives, partners, suppliers, and bloggers to link to your site.
The more incoming links you have, the more chances to get higher ranking because search engine likes authoritative.

9. Blow Your Own Trumpet:

You can also link your website with your personal content, like with web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. if the visitor comes from social media or other referral sites, Google and other search engine consider your site as more relevant, useful and interesting.

10. Use Social Media Platform:

Now day’s social media platform is very important for any business, so try to make your business presence on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Social media sites help you to promote your brand and website address from their platform as well.

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11. Analyze the Traffic:

Try to track your website visitors with google analytics. It will help you to understands in’s and out’s of your site. it will help you to track from where the traffic is coming, how visitors are landing on your site, what are the queries they are looking for and many other factors. It will help you to optimize your website accordingly.

12. Join Digitalize Training:

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