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What should I do for a successful career in SEO?

Become successful Career in (Search engine optimization) SEO, what should I do including a lot of effort. Surely it can be easy with knowledge, but what matters is critical thinking.

Every case when you deal with SEO for different agencies will be different. Their goals, audience, and services might vary. Each time, you’ll be facing a new set of challenges. Thus here, I’ll tell a few tips to build your successful career chances in SEO.

First start learning the basic concepts:

  • SEO- Basics to Advanced
  • Content Writing- A sneak peek
  • Digital Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Social Media marketing- FB, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN to start with.
  • Whatsapp/Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing. All the resources are available on Digitalize Training. Check the link:
  • Simultaneously get the feel of the website for free by writing anything that interests you on blogger, as that’s very user friendly.
  • You can later try getting a domain and web hosting in as little as 3000 for a year if you want to take your learning to the next level. Get certifications that are free online and if you are looking for jobs then do take paid certifications that eventually you can decide once you have come so far. You can eventually then take a decision of mastering any of the tools in DM or become a DM specialist.
  • Later you can decide if you want to take a Master’s degree recognized by Corporates, for businesses, you don’t need either. Only your skills where you can help your client earn profits can get you, your first assignment, or hands-on experience. You can offer to do that for free, meaning you don’t charge them for your services but take the necessary cost part attached for delivering these services.
  • Lastly if you can learn making websites using WordPress which majorly small to medium companies choose as they are very user friendly, no programming language needed, and in a maximum of 15 days you can learn that too just dedicating 2 hours in a day. You are good to go! Also, don’t leave any opportunity to register in free webinars as they act as guides of what’s happening around but don’t look for tutorials there as that’s a distraction. Be very clear on that. Here you go, in 3 months’ time, you will achieve your successful career in SEO

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