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Affiliate Marketing Training, Course & Certification

Advance affiliate marketing training karachi

Affiliate Marketing Training Course in Karachi, Pakistan

Learn Affiliate Marketing & Be A Certified Affiliate Marketing Expert

Generate Leads, Traffic & Earn Commission from Website and Facebook

Affiliate Marketing Training Institute located in Karachi, Pakistan

Affiliate Marketing Training Course

 6 Affiliate Marketing Classes In Weekend (Saturday And Sunday)
 Upto 2 Hours Session Per Class
 Affiliate Marketing Group Training Fees Rs 20,000

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting someone else products/services through a network and earns a commission if the customers buy the product/services. Affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing. Affiliate markers find a hot selling product, promote it to others and get a commission on profit for each sale that they make. The sales are chased via affiliate links from one website to another.

What you will learn in Affiliate Marketing Training & Certification Program

In Affiliate Marketing Course, we will train you, how to become an affiliate marketer and earn commission by promoting other companies’ products online. Our professional certified affiliate marketers designed this affiliate marketing course for those who want to be affiliate marketing Experts and earn a handsome amount by selling other products/services. Our Affiliate Marketing  Expert will teach you affiliate marketing on live projects and share their experiences and best practices with you. After completion of Affiliate Marketing training, you can pursue your career as an Affiliate Marketing Expert or Start your own Affiliate marketing campaigns. After completion of Affiliate Marketing course you will be awarded an Affiliate Marketing training certificate that will help you in your Affiliate Marketing career and job hunting process. We offer both online and In-class Affiliate Marketing Training. Enroll now!!

Affiliate Marketing Training Course Outline


Module #1 – Basic Introduction of Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing and its detail
  • Important elements of affiliate marketing programs
  • Factors that are involved in affiliate marketing
  • Identify a market place or affiliate program
  • Ways to choose vendor/affiliate products
  • Ideal products for affiliate marketing

Module # 2 – Affiliate Marketing And Its Descriptions

  • Introductions of market and market niche
  • How to choose a marketing niche
  • What are the market segments and their benefits
  • Market & market segment implements and works
  • Pick up unique marketing Segment
  • Affiliate marketing strategies and its implements
  • Relevancy of internet marketing strategy with Affiliate product
  • Define new visitors or existing visitors
  • What is the risk in affiliate marketing
  • Awareness about your customers and visitors
  • Significance of purchase cycle for keyword selection

Module # 3 – Promotional Materials And Its Requirement

  • Choosing keywords for promotional data
  • Why use keywords selection for search engine optimization
  • How to make delighting copywriting
  • Smart content for affiliate marketing
  • Discovers promotional contents and marketers
  • Securing contents from burglary

Module # 4 – Choosing/Selecting Vendors

  • Marketing through an affiliate for vendors
  • Choose best affiliate program for vendors
  • Practices for high-quality affiliates traffic
  • Customer relationship and support with affiliates
  • Levels of running affiliate programs
  • How to earn a maximum commission from vendors
  • Evaluating your own affiliate marketing program

Affiliate Marketing Training, Courses & Certification

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* Note for Affiliate Marketing Training Fees: There is no refund policy on Training after getting admission / taking first class