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Social Media Training, Course & Certification

social media training in karachi

Most Powerful Social Media Training Course in Karachi

"Social Media Course" Helps you to Build Career As "Social Media Expert"

Social Media Training Institute located in Karachi, Pakistan

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Duration of Course

 8 Social Media Classes in Weekend (Saturday And Sunday)
 2 Hours Session Per Class
SMM Course Fee Rs 22,000

Social Media Course Outline

Lesson #1:

Introduction On Social Media Marketing 

  • A detail Introduction of Social Media websites and how it works
  • Different types of Social media websites and their target market
    • Introduction to Facebook Marketing optimization and paid marketing
    • Introduction to Instagram Marketing and why we link it to Facebook Account
    • Introduction to Twitter Marketing and How to link them in Account
    • Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing – Work as Job Seeker and Employer

Lesson #2:

Competitor Analysis and Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis and Research
  • Define Clear Goals, target right social media channel
  • Identify competitor Audience via Facebook Ads library
  • How to make Social Media Strategy for bringing organic and paid traffic
  • Understanding and Identifying the target market
  • Best practices for making content bank for social media marketing
  • Survey, polls and other features on competitors page marketing
  • Best practices for finding a targeted audience and reach to them

Lesson #3:

Create and Run Social Media Accounts

  • Briefing on Social Network websites, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Way to link different Social Media Websites to operate from one platform
  • Facebook Organic and paid marketing via ads manager and ads center
  • Twitter SEO and paid marketing
  • LinkedIn Organic and paid marketing via Campaign Manager
  • Best practices used for social media organic traffic and paid traffic
  • Ways to create attractive and high reach posts
  • Adding Images, Videos, social groups, marketplaces, events & other socialization items
  • How to do crowdsourcing organic and aggressive marketing
  • Image Marketing via multiple Social Images Website.

Lesson #4:


  • Ways to monitor your accounts
  • Check & Manage audiences
  • Insights and Meta Reporting
  • Conclusion

About Trainer - Coach

Among the top Social media Experts, Naeem Rajani is one of the best “Social media marketing Trainer in Karachi, Pakistan”, Besides Training he run his own software house and offering social media services. He is serving in digital marketing industry for over 16 years. Social media experts never get opportunity to work directly with clients but Naeem Rajani has a huge experience and deal directly with clients and builds big business for them. Hence, he is also engaged with teaching profession and guide students directly in his own social media institute  locally and internationally

Awards & Certificates

Digitalize Training is a private institute offer certificate by “Digitalize Training”. In other words its use of social media to drive awareness, engagement, and/or traffic to a person’s content. A social media marketing course is a great way to learn the basics of social media and get the training that you need to succeed. Social media marketing training are available at various levels and cater to different audiences.

Anyone either beginners, students, professional, businessman can join our social media certification and training program

  • Upon the successful completion of this smm course, you will receive a Completion Certificate.
  • If you ‘ve successfully completed the 2 month Internship period at our Software House, you will receive an Experience Certificate that will help you in professional career


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the fastest growing market which is used by billions of people around the world, social media is a collection of software-based digital technologies usually presented as apps and websites. Social media marketing is a powerful way for marketing and businesses of all sizes to reach customers. You can make your brand famous by using social media about, follow, and shop from brands on social media, so if you’re not on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you’re missing out! Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating your brand and even targeting leads and sales.

Why choose Digitalize Training Institute for Social Media Course?

“Digitalize Training” is one of the best social media training institute in Karachi, Pakistan. Here we are offering complete social media training course where you get to learn Social Media Marketing  and rank your website on first page. We offer business training that means skilled training to students, after completing of Social Media Course, students are awarded with SMM certification that will help the students to pursue their career as Social Media Expert, offer remote Social Media services to client and achieve Social Media certification.

What you’ll learn In Social Media Marketing Course?

In the end of this training, you have knowledge of these:

  • Access the social media marketing for the business
  • Running your successful social media marketing campaigns
  • Beat quickly to your competitor
  • Knowledge of your business strengths, weak-points, opportunities, and errors!
  • How to build a Brand quickly
  • To target actual audience for your business
  • How to run targeted Ads on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms
  • In-Depth Understanding with Facebook Pixel
  • How to convert your company name into brand
  • Writing and description without English skilled
  • Schedule for social media campaigns calendars
  • How to create golden standard reporting formats
  • Get a job placement in market

Learn Social Media Training Course

Social Media Marketing plays an important role in the fast-growing digital marketing world, Search engine marketing has its huge importance but now digital marketers are also focusing on this social media marketing platform to interact with their targeted markets. Time has proved that Social Media Marketing is one of the most advanced and interactive way to grow business with a minimum marketing budget.

In this social media course, we will train you on all the aspects that are required to launch and set up a good and successful social media marketing campaign. Besides this, you will learn, how to use social media platforms to manage marketing campaigns, increase sales, increase brand popularity and meet your targets. Our Social media training course is designed by Professional Social Media marketing Experts for Business owners, housewives, students, and individual those who want to earn a handsome amount by selling their products through social media platforms or for those who want to build their career in digital marketing field as Social Media Marketing Experts. After successfully completion of this SMM certification you will be awarded a social media training certificate that will help you in your carrier and job hunting process. We offer both online and offline (in-class) Social Media Marketing Training Course. Enroll Now! Our social media marketing institute is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

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* Note for SMM Training Fees: There is no refund policy on Training after getting admission / taking first class