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Advance SEO Course & Training Program - Be SEO Expert In a Month
SEO Training Help you Build Career in Digital Marketing - First Step on SE
Be A Certified Search Engine Optimizer & Rank Website On Keywords
SEO Training Available for Local & International Students (Online & In-Institute)

Advance SEO Course including Analytics Training + Google Search Console – Webmaster

 8 Classes In Weekend (Saturday And Sunday)
 Upto 2 Hours Session Per Class
 SEO With Analytics Training Fees Rs 20,000 Rs 16,000

Additional Basic WordPress Website Design and Development Course That May Help you in SEO Career

Additional Basic WordPress Website Design and Development Course That May Help you in SEO Career

 6 Classes In Weekend (Saturday And Sunday)
 Upto 2 Hours Session Per Class
 Basic Free WordPress Website Development Training Fees Rs 10,000

SEO Course Syllabus and Course Outline

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What You Will Learn in This SEO Course

In this SEO Course and Training, you will be trained on how to optimize your website content, images, on-page, off-page, and other aspects to get your website keywords rank on Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Besides this how to bring unpaid traffic on your website and train you over google algorithms, those are working behind Google and other search engines. Our SEO trainers have years of experience and they will train you on live SEO done projects, shares their experiences and best practices that help you to build your career in SEO Field and be an SEO Expert.

Our SEO training Program, course outline cover on-page, off-page, besides these you will also train how to optimize the website on local (national) and international markets, websites SEO audits reports, best practices for making SEO strategies to bring rankings. After completion of the “SEO Course” you will be awarded an SEO Certificate that will help you to find a relevant SEO Job as a permanent, intern, trainee, or freelancer. We also ensure you after completing this SEO Training you can start or run your own online SEO business or get a job as an SEO Expert. This SEO training covers both categories Service-based and Ecommerce products based websites. We offer both online and offline SEO training.

“SEO Institute is located in Pakistan”

SEO Course Outline and Details:

SEO Training Module #1 – Detail introduction on SEO and Analysis

  • Introduction to Basic SEO
  • Myths about Search Engine Optimization
  • Role of SEO in Digital Marketing?
  • Why SEO is so important for SME Business?
  • Briefing over how different Search Engines work?
  • Keyword research and reporting structures with formatting
  • How to rank keywords in locally and internationally?
  • How to do keywords research and analysis in SEO?
  • Competitor SEO research and analysis
  • Difference between organic & paid search results?
  • How to create SEO strategies, learning with case studies.
  • Learn how different search engines works and life cycle of Search engines optimization.

SEO Training Module #2 – Keywords Research and Making Theme 

  • Keyword research and opportunities finding via tools
  • Selecting best SEO keywords and KPI for websites
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Keyword density checking and keywords stuffing
  • Keyword research tools
  • How to integrate SEO keywords in Website?
  • Importance of keywords in SEO
  • Best practices used while making keywords strategy
  • How to do local and global Keyword Research?
  • Difference between short tails and long tails keywords in SEO
  • SEO reporting and audits

SEO Training Module #3 – SEO On-page Optimization

  • Briefing on On-Page optimization
  • Steps and elements in SEO
  • Define search engines crawlers working process / lifecycle
  • Difference between proper and improper URL structures & formations
  • How to check Plagiarism in content?
  • Duplicate content checking and doorway pages
  • How to create SEO title, meta description and keywords
  • Role of domain name in SEO
  • Basic understanding of HTML in webpage optimization
  • Do and Don’t of Search Engines
  • Brief on previous and recent Google Algorithms
  • Provide and define professional SEO Audit checklist
  • How search engine Crawling and Spiders works?
  • Complete fundamentals of On-site optimization
  • Important elements in seo-optimization, those must never miss?
  • How to build sitemap manual and automatic with tools
  • How to do proper Interlinking between different webpages of your website?
  • How to test Web Pages Speed and loading time optimization?
  • How to do Initial Website SEO Audit?

SEO Training Module #4 – Off-Page and Outbound Link Management 

  • Complete briefing on Off-Page optimization
  • What is link building?
  • What is outbound links?
  • Link building strategies, reciprocal links and how its work?
  • What is the difference between Do Follow vs. No Follow?
  • How to make an Image links?
  • What is the meaning of anchor text?
  • What is site authority (PA) and domain authority (DA)?
  • What is content Marketing?
  • How to build strategies for Off-Page optimization?
  • Role of social media marketing in SEO
  • What are bad linking and worst search engine practices?
  • Difference between white hat, black hat & grey hat SEO tricks
  • Manual and Automatic submission and tools for checking and analyzing back linking
  • Best practices for directories submission, bookmarking submission, Yellow pages and more

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