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Amazon Training, Amazon Course & Certification

Amazon Training Course

Offering Amazon Training Course in Karachi, Pakistan

Amazon Courses include FBA, FBM, Private Label, Wholesale & Drop-ship Models

Amazon Seller Central Training - Be Amazon Expert from Pakistan

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Basic Amazon Training Include Amazon Listing & Order Management

 4 Amazon Weekend Classes (Saturday And Sunday)
 Upto 2 Hours Session Per Class
 Basic Amazon Course Fees PKR 25,000

Advance Amazon Training   (Amazon SEO + PPC)

 8 Amazon Weekend Classes (Saturday And Sunday)
 Upto 2 Hours Session Per Class
 Advanced Amazon Course Fees PKR 35,000
 Advanced Amazon Course Include Amazon organic listing, SEO, and listing

Paid Advertisement, Promotion And PPC Campaign. Paid Campaigns Bring Quick Results And Aggressive Marketing

What you will learn in this Amazon Course?

Digitalize Training offers Amazon training in Karachi, Pakistan. Amazon training course include Amazon FBA, FBM, Amazon listing SEO, PPC, Product Listing, Selling & ACOS Management. In this Amazon training, you will learn how to manage Amazon account and work on Amazon Marketplace. How third-parties / companies become partner with Amazon to list and sell their products, managing orders, customer details and feedback.

In this Amazon seller central training we will train you, how to set up Amazon seller account, manage and optimize Amazon store, list products and increase sells through Amazon FBA and FBM program. In this training, we will teach you on both Amazon organic and Paid marketing strategies. Our Amazon training Program is designed by Certified Ecommerce Experts. After successfully completion of Amazon training course, you will be awarded Amazon training Certificate and you can pursue your career as Amazon Marketing Expert or start selling your own products on Amazon. We offer both online and offline (in-class) Amazon training course. Enroll Now!

Why choose Digitalize Training Institute for Amazon Training?

“Digitalize Training” is one of the best Amazon training institutes in Karachi, Pakistan, Here we offer complete Digital marketing courses. After completing your Amazon Course you can easily optimize your Amazon store. You can learn Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, Amazon Account making, and a lot more. This is a business-skilled amazon training program for students, professionals all those who want to start selling products on Amazon. Join Amazon Course today and be Amazon Expert, begin your career in the Amazon e-commerce field, and start offering remote services to the clientele. Be a Certified Amazon Expert in a Month.

About Amazon Trainer & Its Expertise

Among the top Amazon Experts from Pakistan, Naeem Rajani is one of the best “Amazon Trainers in Karachi”. Besides Amazon Training, he run his own software house and offers Amazon services. He is serving in the digital marketing industry for over 16 years. Amazon experts never get an opportunity to work directly with clients but Naeem Rajani has a huge experience and deal directly with clients and builds startup business for them. Hence, he is also engaged in the teaching field and teaches students directly in his own Amazon institute and trained thousands of students locally and internationally.

Amazon Course Outline

1- Introduction To Amazon

– Why Amazon?

– Amazon Business Trends

– Amazon Business Potential

– The decision of the marketplace

– Information needed to create an account (Individual/Professional)

– Account Setup

2- Product Hunting

– Find the branded listing with good Best Sellers Rank

– Implement different tools

3- Dead Listing Search

– How to search dead listings

– Learning different tools like Keepa, Helium10, JS

4- Introduction To Amazon Rankings And Ratings

– Importance of rankings in FBA Web Store.

– Importance of ratings in FBA Web Store.

5- Website And Social Media Influence

– Importance of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in your Amazon store marketing

6- Suppliers Distributors Hunting

– How to hunt

– Where to find supplier data

– How to create accounts

– How to apply for higher authority letters and invoices

– How to get a credit account

7- Brand Approval

– How to get your brand approved on Amazon

– How to handle Amazon Customer Support

8- Category Approval

– How to approve your category on Amazon

– How to upload invoices

9- Create And Attach With The Branded Listing

– Me Too with the listing

10- Shipment Creation

– Create Labels

11- Orders And Inventory Management

– Inventory Planning

– Order Management

12- Cost (Profit Calculation)

– FBA Calculator

– Negotiation with supplier

– Automated Pricing

13- PPC Campaign

– How to start PPC Campaigns

– How to manage PPC Campaigns

– How to optimize PPC Campaigns

– How to select PPC Campaign’s budget

– How to do keyword’s planning

14- Account Handling

– Manage Seller Central Account

– How to handle reports

– Where to download reports

– How to resolve cases and manage Amazon customer queries

– How to handle Amazon customer support issues

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a vast Online-based enterprise that works is to sells books, music, movies, house-wares, electronics, toys, and many other accessories, as directly or as the middleman between other retailers, Wholesalers and Amazon’s millions of customers. Now a days, it’s one of the common business online platforms around the world, many of peoples starts Amazon training from online or some Amazon institutes, now anyone can easily create our own account/business on Amazon, you can handle your work/business from anywhere around the world by using the internet.<//p>


Why Should we Sell Products on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet. It has millions of products available on this platform. Selling on Amazon can be a great way to gain more customers, make more sales, and reach new markets. The reason of everyone consider to doing sale/business on is obvious: By selling products on Amazon, because you can get a huge quantity of customer base either than any other e-commerce platforms, including eBay. In Amazon you can make more money by doing less work.

The reasons you should sell your products on Amazon are:

– You can reach an international audience

– You have access to millions of reviews

– You can handle the pricing of your product

Benefits of Amazon Course

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. It is also known as the largest online retailer and offers many different services. Amazon is also a company that provides many different services to its customers. We will discuss some of the benefits of Amazon, and why it is a good idea to take their courses on topics such as Amazon training in Karachi and Amazon institute in Karachi. Amazon courses are designed for people to learn about how to sell on Amazon, how to use Amazon’s tools, and how to increase their sales. The best way to learn about Amazon is to take training or enroll in our Amazon institute in Karachi.

What We Will Deliver You In This Amazon Training?

Here below is the Amazon course outline

  • An Introduction to Amazon and other Marketplaces.
  • What is product advertising and its benefit.
  • How to create an account on amazon webstore, seller central and FBA Program.
  • Documents required for creating an account on Amazon and Pre-documentations.
  • Amazon products fulfillment program.
  • How to list products in Amazon seller central FBA and FBM program.
  • Products listing.
  • Products management.
  • Products optimization and conversion tricks.
  • Keywords rankings in Amazon search results.
  • Upload Html, images, videos and other elements of pages.
  • Multiple ways for writing product title and product description.
  • How to list single product and Multi-variant Products.
  • Amazon web store conversion tracking, bidding, and reporting section.
  • Best practices for reaching millions of customers.
  • Web store and order management.
  • Amazon Health, reviews, feedback and ratings.
  • Set up your local and International account on Amazon.
  • Learn all possible opportunities to generate higher sells and returns on Investment (ROI) on Amazon.
  • Traffic and Sells reporting and tracking section.

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* Note for Amazon Training Fees: There is no refund policy on Training after getting admission / taking first class