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Naeem Rajani [Digital Marketing Expert of Pakistan]

Experienced Digital Marketing Expert – Having complete expertise in Digital Marketing Services and Ecommerce. Well known in Pakistan, having multiple certification – living in Pakistan – prior in 2015 he was in USA and in 2013 he was in Australia. Experienced local and internationally both

He do have 19 years of experience in digital marketing working since 2005. Teaching is his passion, and he is dedicated to training students in technical aspects during business sessions. At this moment “Naeem Rajani” is the Trainer who teach all Courses that includes “SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, eBay and Many more courses listed on this website.


Certified Digital Marketing Trainer of Pakistan

  1. More than 19 years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce.
  2. Google Certified with exceptional skills in SEO and PPC (both organic and paid Google marketing).
  3. Certified Facebook and Social Media Expert, proficient in leveraging social media platforms effectively.
  4. Certified E-commerce expert with expertise in platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, among others.
  5. Taken Certification in English Language.
  6. Attended Teacher Training Programs to grasp the essentials of effective teaching.


Working Experience of Teacher in field

  1. Logo Design: Crafting distinctive visual identities tailored to capture attention and convey brand essence.
  2. Website Development: Building dynamic online platforms that engage and inspire visitors, elevating digital presence.
  3. App Promotion: Strategically marketing applications to maximize user reach and enhance visibility in competitive markets.
  4. Google Ads/PPC: Implementing targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic, increase conversions, and optimize ROI.
  5. SEO Services: Employing advanced techniques to improve search engine rankings and enhance online discoverability.
  6. E-commerce Shopping Platforms: Creating seamless online retail experiences that facilitate sales and foster customer loyalty.
  7. Fashion, Clothing, and Apparel Sector: Providing specialized solutions to help brands stand out in the vibrant world of fashion.
  8. Gemstone, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Jewelry: Curating exquisite collections that embody luxury and elegance.
  9. Power and electric tools.
  10. Herbs and Nutritional Products: Promoting wellness and vitality through a range of carefully selected herbal and nutritional supplements.
  11. Custom USB Drives, Power Banks, and Box Cutter Tools: Personalizing practical tools for corporate gifting and branding purposes.
  12. Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories.
  13. Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Research for RSP PPC: Delivering engaging content and insightful research to optimize PPC campaigns.
  14. Spectrum, Direct TV, Comcast, Xfinity, and Click-to-Call PPC Services: Specialized PPC services tailored to telecommunications and call-based industries.
  15. Air Ticketing, Bookings, and Travel and Tourism Services: Facilitating seamless travel experiences through efficient ticketing and booking solutions.
  16. Education, Academic Writing PPC, and Training Programs: Supporting educational initiatives with targeted PPC campaigns and specialized training programs.

Academic Qualification:

  • MBA – IT Nov 2007

Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology (PIMSAT)

  • Bachelor in Computer Science (BSIT) Mar 2004

Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology (PIMSAT)



  1. Lotus Domino Server/Designer 6.5 (IBM)
  2. Certificate in E-Commerce (Web Development). from CIPE
  3. Graphic Design Course from Saliraj Institute
  4. English Language from AISWO
  5. Teacher Training Programs(how to be an effective teacher)