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E-Commerce Tracking Function in Google Analytics

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E-commerce tracking is only useful for those who have an e-commerce business/website.

E-commerce tracking one of the most important features present in Google Analytics for e-commerce websites. This feature track more advance detail such as which product is popular and average revenue per sale.
Beside this E-commerce tracking allow help business owner to check from where their most visitors are coming from. For example: you can monitor how many sales are being generated by your SEO, email marketing, paid marketing, social media or other marketing campaigns.
To set up E-Commerce tracking, you need to enable it. Log into your Analytics account and go to Admin section

admin button

Click on E-commerce Settings
e-commerce setting

Turn the enable e-commerce button on

enable e commerce

Now, you need to add a tracking code on your website. This work depends on your e-commerce platform.

  • If you’re using an e-commerce platform that can integrate with Google analytics (like BigCoomercee), then you can activate your e-commerce tracking within your website’s admin panel.
  • If you’re using an e-commerce platform that cannot integrate with Google Analytics, then you need to add e-commerce tracking code on “thank you” page which arrived after the purchased has been made by the user- You can found E-commerce tracking code from:

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