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Free SEO Tools

There are thousands of free SEO tools available on the internet, here in this article we will tell you the best and most useful tool for SEO. We have classified these tools on behalf of three requirements

1. mostly used by the SEO Experts
2. Offers above-board value + actionable data
3. 100% free

Top 30 Best SEO tools for your website

The tools are classified by SEO function

  • Analytics Crawling/Indexing
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Tools
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Multi-tool
  • On-page SEO
  • Research
  • The site SpeedFollowing is some of the Best Free SEO Tools

Analytics Tools

1- Bing Webmaster Tools:

As Google Webmaster is the first choice of all, SEOs forget that Bing also offers Webmaster tools for website and search analytics. Mainly useful functions are Keyword reports, keyword research, and crawling data

Use it: Bing Webmaster

2. Data Studio:

If you need to combine data from multiple sources like (Google Search Console and Google Analytics Tool). Google Data Studio is a perfect zone for this. Learn how to use Google Data Studio

Use it: Data Studio

3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations:

This is the highly recommended Google Chrome extension that shows additional data on the top of your analytics, this helps you to easily send screenshots to clients for the report that shows how outside forces impacted traffic

Use it: Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by google- learn more about Google Analytics.

Use it: Google Analytics

5. Search Console:

Google Search console is previously known as Google Webmaster Tool. This tool provides how Google crawls and ranks your site, learn more about Google Search Console

Use it: Search Console

6. MozCast:

MozCast is created by Dr.Pete and the original Google SERP tracker. MozCast is a go-to algorithm tracker whether there is an update or not.

Use it: MozCast

Crawling/Indexing Tools

7. Beam Us Up:

If you are looking for a free desktop crawler, Beam Us Up is the best solution for you. It doesn’t have many features as screaming frog but it does 100% free complete crawling- This tool is supported by Windows only

Use it: Beam Us Up

8. Link Redirect Trace:

A free Google Chrome extension used by lots of SEO to check “all-in-one redirect path analyzer, HTTP headers, rel-canonical tags, robots.txt, backlinks, and many more. This extension also has saved an awesome screenshot feature.

Use it: Link Redirect Trace 

9. Redirect Path:

Same as Link Redirect Trace, Redirect a Path is an excellent tool that shows redirect paths and header information for every URL you visit.

Use it: Redirect Path

10. Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is one of the most popular and used SEO tools for Desktop-based crawlers. It revealed all the information about your website like Heading tags, pages URL, titles, and more. Screaming Frog is free up to 500 URLs and has limited access.

Download it: Screaming Frog

11. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer:

Most of web marketing & SEO are familiar with Screaming Frog, but most of them don’t know that screaming frog also has a standalone free/paid Log File Analyzer tool. The free version is powerful but limited up to 1000 lines

Use it: Screaming Frog Log File Analyser

12. SEOlyzer:

SEOlyzer is a log analysis tool promoted by Aleyda Solis. SEOlyzer is an awesome log analysis tool with special features like real-time analysis and page categorization.

Get it: SEOlyzer

13. Xenu:

Xexu software is used to check broken lists, basic site auditing, etc.

Get it: Xenu

Keyword Research Tools

14. Answer The Public:

Answer the public is one of the best tool used to generate an impressive list of question from any set of keywords which may user type in search engine search bar.

Get it: Answer The Public

15. Keyword Explorer:

Keyword explorer provided by Moz’s is an amazing keyword research tool. Its gives keyword suggestions and with the volume range, and CTR data. This tool allows 10 quires per month for free, up to 1000 keyword suggestions. To extend the limit to should but their services.

Get it: Keyword Explorer

16. Keyword Planner:

Google’s own keyword planner is now available for those you who there google ads accounts. This tool provides tons of relevant information regarding keyword like volume, competition. It uses Google own data and you can filter it by specific country location as well.

Get it: Keyword Planner

17. Keyword Everywhere:

A free browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome both. It shows keyword suggestions with volume.

Get it: Keywords Everywhere

18. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Patel. This tool does not just suggest the keyword but also gives you content ideas, traffic analyzers, SEO analyzers, and much many- try this.

Use it: Ubersuggest

Link Tools

Tools to check, find and process backlinks

19. Disavow Tool:

You can find the Disavow tool function on the Google Search Console account. This tool is not used by most site owners because it is useful for removing the penalties. Before using this tool read their guide on disavowing the right links.

Get it: Disavow Tool

20. Link Explorer:

No doubt Link Explorer is the largest, highest-accuracy link index and has most authentic DA (Domain authority) checker. Its free account access allows you to search 10 queries and 50 rows of data per month. For more to need to purchase their services.

Get it: Link Explorer

21. Link Miner:

Link Miner is a free chrome extension created by Jon Cooper (master of link building). Link Miner helps you to find broken links on each page and you can see backlink metrics as you search on Google. It is easy and useful.

Try it: Link Miner

22. Backlink Checker:

Many peoples are not aware that Ahrefs of a free backlink checker as well. Backlink Checker has some limitation on its free version like you’re limited to 100 links, you can search by prefix’s or folder. 

Get it: Backlink Checker

Local SEO Tools

23. Google My Business:

Google my business is the basic tool that every website should have. This tool is for Local SEO especially if you have an address for your business. It allows you to add information about your business, claim your business, save your location on Google Maps, and many more. 

Get it: Google My Business

24. Google Review Link Generator:

Ever face a problem to give your customer a URL to leave a review on your Google My business? Google Review link generation by white sparks solve this simple problem- it generates a link for Google my Business Review.

 Get it: Google Review Link Generator

25. Local Search Results Checker:

 One of the toughest part for Local SEO is to check ranking from any location – especially when Google shows you the result from the location you’re in. BrightLocak solves this issue with a local raking tool, that you drop virtually drops you into any location on the earth to check the ranking

Get it: Local Search Results Checker

Mobile SEO Tools

Tools to optimize your responsive website (mobile friendly).

26. Mobile-First Index Checker:

Normally mobile version of websites slightly differs from their desktop version. And now Google has switched to mobile-first indexing. So it is important to match major functions like (links, structured data, etc) for both versions. Hundreds of tools are available to check this but we recommend Zeo’s Mobile-first index Checker.

Get it: Mobile-First Index Checker

27. Mobile SERP Test:

Do you know mobile search engine results can vary by location or devices? MobileMoxie’s provides mobile SERP test and compare devices for any location. Try this awesome Tools

Get it: Mobile SERP Test

28. Mobile-Friendly Test:

This tool helps you to know is your page is mobile-friendly or not? If the page passes the test, then google will consider it as a mobile-friendly. Or if a page isn’t mobile-friendly, it will give you details.

Get it: Mobile-Friendly Test

Multifunction Tools

Free SEO tools that have so many functions

29. SEMrush:

Semrush offers complete all in one SEO tools, and its free version is superb but only for a single website. It gives you access to only one project which includes basic site auditing, limited keywords, and domain reports.

Get it: SEMrush

30. Small SEO Tools:

A small SEO tool is an all-time favorite tool for SEO. it covers a collection of over 100 SEO tools. Each of its tools performs a specific task that why it is named Small. The awesome thing about this tool keeps adding new features like backlinks, keyword research, and more. 

Check it now: Small SEO Tools

31. Varvy:

Varvy is a free website audit tool. Mostly it consists of an on-page audit like crawling, Http, page speed, mobile device, and more. 

use it: Varvy


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