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How to Do Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

In simple words, a guest post is a blog post or article that is written by someone or a guest audience from outside the website, they normally publish an article to win some of the traffic or link from your website. Guest posts are normally written by content writers, journalists, contributors, or bloggers and they try to publish their posts and articles – this work is also known as a publication. Guest blogger has no ties with your website they just add a citation or link-making to get more attention or link juice to their website.

Guest posting and blogging are content marketing that comprises writing and publishing articles on third-party websites/ blogs. Guest blogging is a mutual benefit for publishers hosting guest content (as it helps to engage their audience) and guest bloggers who get an additional platform to promote their brand. Typically, guest bloggers write content for websites and similar blogs related to their industry in order to:

  • Increase brand awareness, exposure, and personality
  • Bring traffic for the website and generate leads and conversion
  • Build relevant backlinks and improve search engine authority

Why guest posting is so essential: Here you don’t have to pay anything, even guest blogging doesn’t get paid for a certain number of texts. However, at the bottom of the article you get links, the bio of the author, and social media popularity. This helps to establish his authority in the field, lets readers learn more about his background and experience and of course, drives traffic to his website and social pages.

Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Make a name for yourself as an expert
  • Increase meaningful traffic to your site
  • Improve your domain authority
  • Open the door to new business opportunities
Benefits of Guest Posting & Blogging in Karachi, Pakistan

Tips for Finding Opportunities in Guest Posting

  • Look into your favorite blogs
  • Do a Google search
  • Write for us
  • Google blogger wonted
  • Guest blogging guidelines
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Check domain authority

Tips for Pitching “Guest Post Submission”

  • Keep track with a spreadsheet
  • Familiarize yourself with the website’s content
  • Review the guest post guidelines
    • Word count
    • Style and voice
    • Recommended blog formats
    • Topics they’re looking for (or not looking for)
    • Examples of popular posts on their site
    • Image specifications (when relevant)
    • Rules for linking
    • Publication standards
  • Come up with a unique pitch
  • Write and send your pitch email

Best Practices Used in Writing Guest Posting

  • Write a strong bio
  • Spend extra time on your headlines
  • Proofread several times
  • Write with intention
  • Follow up after the post goes live
  • Make time for guest blogging every month
  • Review your analytics

Email Subject Lines for Guest Blogging Outreach

The most common and popular subject lines for an email in outreach are as below

  • Great content ideas for your blog
  • Upcoming guest post ideas for [Blog name]
  • Free high-quality articles for your blog
  • Guest post proposal
  • High-quality guest post request
  • Review these 3 blog post ideas for [Blog name]
  • Guest post request for [Blog name]
  • Let’s discuss your new blog post
  • Next blog post for [Blog name]. Leave the hard work to me
  • I’ve prepared something special for your blog
  • I’ve got something special for your blog. Check it out!
  • Looking for an awesome blog post? We’ve got it!
  • Something special for [Blog name]
  • Feed your content-hungry blog
  • Provide value to your subscribers with this blog post
  • You haven’t covered this topic, right?
  • No one has blogged about this on your blog. Am I right?
  • Exciting stuff for your blog

Templates and Examples of Guest Posting and Blogging

Email Sample #1

Hey [Name],

I’ve got a great idea for a post that I believe would do well on [Blog name]. Are you looking for more contributors to write for your blog right now? If so, I’d love to send some original content your way.

I’m already writing regularly for [Blog name 1], [Blog name 2], and [Blog name 3]. Here are the few of my latest posts:

[Blog post link 1]
[Blog post link 2]
[Blog post link 3]

Let me know if you are interested – and I’ll send you some topic ideas.


Email Sample # 2

Hi [Name],

This is [Your name] from [Company name], and I’m dropping you a line to see if you’re accepting new guest bloggers. I write about [topics] and thought an article about [relevant topic] would be a good fit for your blog.

Here are some examples of my latest guest posts:

[Blog post link 1]
[Blog post link 2]
[Blog post link 3]

The post will be 100% original, written just for your blog, and will not be posted elsewhere. I would appreciate an author bio with a live link back to my site. If you’re interested in this cooperation, please get back to me.


Email Sample #3

Hi [Name],

[Your name] here from [Company name]. I’m reaching out to check if you are accepting content from guest contributors on [Blog name].

We are trying to establish ourselves as a helpful, trustworthy brand, and we think the best way to do that is through quality content. We’ve already been featured in some respectable publications like [Example 1], [Example 2], and [Example 3], just to name a few.

If you do publish content from guest authors, I would love an opportunity to be one of them. Here are some topics that I could cover:

[Topic 1]
[Topic 2]
[Topic 3]

I don’t mind discussing additional topics if you don’t think these are a good fit for your audience.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

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