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How To Market Yourself As An Amazon Personal Assistant

Place ads in local papers, create web pages and social media pages and list your business on one of the online directories of personal assistant and concierge services.

Have A Well-Designed Website

A great website is the Centre of your virtual assistant business. Even if a business owner doesn’t spend time on social media, he/she is truly familiar with the internet and the process of searching for information online. Make sure you have a website that is optimized to grab searches on terms a business owner might use. All your keyword research will come from that website. On the front page of your website, there is a big and clear button that lets potential clients differentiate themselves so you can tell what they need at the beginning.

When visitors will come, don’t forget to collect the email address. This lets you follow up with people multiple times rather than just trying to grab them during one fleeting visit. Don’t rely on contact forms alone. Finally, make sure your site has links showcasing your own business’s current social media feeds on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Show them that your own efforts are up to date and ongoing.

Stay On Top Of Your Game

The online world moves fast. It’s vital to stay on top of emerging and new technologies so you know how to make them work for your clients. For example, Pinterest has exploded in the last couple of years from a simple place to store ideas for foods, to one of the primary social media marketing platforms.

YouTube and Facebook roll out new functionalities every few weeks, and the best practices for each of those platforms continue to evolve. Messenger bots on Facebook are a big thing right now. You need to stay on top of what is going on with the main marketing spaces as well as what is coming along. Participating in new methods will show future clients that you know what you are doing.

Offer Educational Opportunities

Teach future customers about you and your services, at the same time showing off a particular type of service and getting them thinking about how it could work for them. The idea is to produce some sort of media in which you teach a specific skill related to the services you offer. If you’re using this to attract new business clients, make sure that what you are teaching is relevant to them.

Go back to your keyword research. Talk about frequently occurring questions or topics. Tutorials are nice for educational media, so think about showing a technique for finding great hashtags on Instagram, or how to make a nice Facebook page header image in Canvas.

Blog About Your Own Experiences as Online Business And As A Business Owner

A well-maintained updated blog is a key component of your social media presence. One big reason is that it’s good for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will be more likely to be found when you are blogging regularly simply because search engines prefer sites that are updated with some regularity.

Regular blogging means more opportunities to discover and use keywords that catch the attention of web searches, so not only are you updating frequently, you are also adding relevant content that search engines want to deliver. An update is another chance for everyone to find you through an internet search.

Once you get traffic to your site you need to keep them there and get them to interact with you.

Online And Offline Advertise

You have a great site with lots of blog posts, strong marketing, and other content offers to attract new clients. Now you have to drive traffic to it.
There are numerous ways to advertise online like Google AdWords from which you can make paid banners, paying for enhanced listings in search engine results, and more. Facebook ads get a lot of attention these days and they are certainly a valid way to advertise your services. Lately, I have found a lot of VAs are getting traction through Facebook groups. The idea is to go into Facebook groups where your ideal clients are hanging out, and just look for people who have problems you can solve.

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