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How to sell on Amazon and make money from Pakistan

If you follow our website you will learn to sell on Amazon, make your first sale and start a business on Amazon FBA or FBM. Most important, by making sales you will prove to yourself that the You can achieve anything if you really want to.

Startup Costs to Selling on Amazon

Currently, 5 costs directly associated with starting an Amazon business. These feature can range on how much you are ready to invest and how much you are willing to bootstrap some costs to keep startup costs low:
Buying Initial Inventory ($150), Opening an Amazon Account ($39.99), Buying UPC Codes ($10), Investing in Product Photography (Free – $295), Creating a Logo and Product Branding ($24)

Open an Amazon Account

To sell on Amazon FBA or FBM, you have to go through the following steps:

1) Go to
2) Click the “Selling on Amazon” link
3) Select between the two “Sell as a Professional” or “Sell as an Individual”. As a beginner, we recommend selling as an individual, Amazon charges $0.99 per sale and for a professional seller account, Amazon charges $39.99 per month.
4) Fill out the information that they want and once you are done then you will officially become an Amazon seller.

Find a Product to Sell

Your first product is called your “beachhead” product. It is one that creates sales for you right away and then you can branch out from it. Trying to pick a niche when first starting out can become difficult for you. Use best Product Selection Tools So; we need to establish the bare minimum requirements that determine a good product to sell.
Also, you have to look at products under sponsored ads selling on Amazon. If someone spends their money in advertising then there is a good chance the product is selling well.

Create an Amazon Listing

When you want to create an Amazon listing, You have to follow these steps:

1) Go to seller central, select the inventory drop-down and select ‘Add a Product’
2) Then you want to select ‘create a new product listing’
3) Choose the category of the products you are going to be selling. Make sure that your product category is not restricted because if you sell in a restricted category you won’t be able to create your product listing until you are approved
4) Fill in the required information. You just want to get the product listing up but don’t live your product and send your products into Amazon FBA

Create an FBA Shipping Plan

We need to create what’s called a shipping plan. You can start selling on Amazon right away with the listing we created.
But if you want to offer two-day free shipping, have the prime logo on your listing, and win the buy box then Amazon needs to have your inventory.

Amazon Product Photography

When you are selling Amazon you are competing against other sellers that are selling similar products to you and it is critical to be able to stand out. Product photos quickly make a decision for your customer to keep looking at your listing or not.

Product Listing Optimization

Product listing is everything in an Amazon FBA business and now it becomes one of the most neglected things. There are some tricks for ranking that you can use but nothing helps your entire SEO strategy like an optimized listing. Optimize your product listing with keywords and create relationships with your customers.

Create a Brand & Packaging

After researching your product, you are confident that you want to continue selling your product in your Amazon business then it’s time to think about the logo and branding design.

Automate Your Amazon FBA Business

Online merchants have a lot of tough work, but you can create several shortcuts for yourself that will add a lot of time back to your life. You can use an API to automate your listings, letting technology do the heavy lifting for you. There are many software programs out there, so it’s just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.

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