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How to sell on Amazon for Beginners Pakistan

Everyone has heard about the Amazon. It is the largest online eCommerce retailer in the United Kingdom, United States Of America, Canada, and many different countries. You can run a one-person business that sells thousands of items each month, all casually from anywhere in the world with the help of sellers on Amazon. We will teach all the beginners how to sell on Amazon from Pakistan:

Setup Your Amazon Account

You really can’t have an FBA or FBM business without creating an Amazon Seller Account. If you have made the decision to do the amazon business, you might as well commit yourself by creating an account. You will have to make a decision, you want to set yourself up as an individual or professional.
You have to register between two selling plans (they are called Individual account and Professional account, but you can think of them as standard and premium), Amazon offers you the flexibility to sell one item or sell thousands. Before your registration, first, decide which plan is a better fit for your business.

Pick your product niche

This is the toughest part of setting up your Amazon FBA business because when you are excited about an opportunity you want to sell everything you can get your hands on. Follow a structured approach is the best way to pick your niche and try to determine how you are going to fit into the e-commerce world.

• List some of the areas that you are most sensual about
• Brainstorm all the product lines and manufactured products that you might be able to offer in each of those areas
• Shortening down those lists to very specific niches
• Pin-down your list of niches

Engage in product research

You have to sensual about your product and niches. You have to make a business out of offering those products to consumers is a completely different expectation. The list you shortening down, You will need to do product research in those areas of niches and interest.

• General Product Searches
• Using Merchant Words, Jungle Scout, and Similar Keyword Tools
• Best Seller Rankings (BSR)
• Additional Tools for Market Research
• FBA Fees

Establish your product sourcing

Before setup your first products and product a line is half of the battle, but you have another step to take before you can start listing and selling products. You have to create the sourcing of your products. If you don’t source your product, you don’t have anything to sell. You want to get the most reliable provider with the highest quality of products available.

• Testing Products
• Find a Supplier
• Research Shipping
• Ship Your Product

Establish your brand

You should take care of it earlier in the process of setting up your FBA business, but you have to wait for your first batch of products to be shipped and made ready to sell. This is a good time to work on establishing your brand. There are some steps involved in establishing a recognizable and unique that clearly identifies you and the product you are offering.

• Naming Your Brand
• Create Your Brand Logo
• Create Brand Themes and Tag-lines
• Copyright Your Brand Name and Logo

Create your product listings

You have made the identity of your FBA and your products are ready with Amazon Fulfilment Center, so let’s start listing your products. You have to spend most of your brainpower and creative resources. You have to work very hard at setting up your FBA business. You have to create product listings that will not only appeal to your customers but will also provide them with plenty of information to make a qualified buying decision.

• Professional Product Photos
• Detailed Product Titles
• Write Your Product Descriptions
• Fill In All Relevant Information

Advertise your product

If your product listings have a professional appearance, then you will get some incidental product sales because your product is listed within the largest marketplace in the world. If you have to draw the attention of potential buyers to your product, start turning over inventory and ringing up sales.

• PPC Advertising
• Use Platforms like Jump-Send
• Product Reviews
• Launching a New Website or Blog
• Using Social Media
• Blog, Vlog, and Podcasting
• Buildup Your Email List
• Use Coupons and Special Deals

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