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Structure Of A Blog Post

Writing A Blog

For writing a blog, we should remember some tips to write a blog title or heading is the first thing that attracts visitors. Heading and title same as if we go somewhere so many people attract and note our dressing sense, walking style, and talking behavior same in website whenever a visitor visits the website they attract by the website of heading and title they are the most powerful element in a website.

Tips to Write An Effective Blog

Your heading and title should be clear, short, and according to your website page. The heading and title must be very clear and readable to the audience after this you have a good title and heading but the introduction is not ended there. To get a ranking on the first page of a search engine you have to include short or long-tail keywords in your heading and title. After the heading and title, you have to come on internal links. Interlinking is the part of SEO in which we redirect our audience to more blogs and posts. Visitors may also visit directly to your website and most of the visitors visit through interlink. Interlink is made to maintain relevancy and stay on the website and focus on a primary topic if interlink is not relevant to customers’ queries then it will be the loss of visitors to the website and this fact will decrease your customer interest and destroy your genuine lead. Interlinks benefit your blog, but the external link is the most powerful element for a website because they drive traffic to the website from other social media platforms. Google considers the external link as a vote for the website. Outbound and external links are the main element to boost your post on search engines. Internal links and external links work together to boost and rank your website. After linking you have to use a concise paragraph and your paragraph should be clear and readable on your website. If your post is not readable to your audience then it will reduce your readers. If your visitor goes somewhere then it will be picked by your competitor. There will be no problem to face while creating a blog if you remembered the hint which is written above.  

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