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Amazon Brand Registry: Registration and Benefits

Protecting your brand from any kind of fraud should be one of your biggest priorities if you have an e-commerce business on Amazon. From competitors using your brand identity to sell their low-quality items to third-party sellers renaming your products, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re not careful.

That’s why every online store on Amazon takes Amazon Brand Registry seriously. It’s because this e-commerce platform is a collection of tools to protect their brand. It will offer you more security as well as creating a better brand experience for your customers.

How to register for Amazon Brand Registry:

Step 1: You need to be eligible for Brand Registry

Not every store on Amazon can get a Brand Registry. Before you start to register your brand, there are a couple of requirements to obey with:

  • Trademark Registration or Serial Number.
  • Products must come with branded logos and packaging.

Step 2: Create your Amazon Brand Registry account

After completing the first step of meeting Amazon’s requirements for its Brand Registry program, it’s time to create your account. Now you will now use your username and password credentials from your Amazon Seller account to log in to Brand Registry.

Step 3: Enroll your brand

After creating your Amazon Brand Registry Account, the next step will be to enroll your brand in the Amazon program officially. You must provide the following information to get started:

  • Brand Identification: Here, you’ll have to upload all of your product logos, images, packaging, and your website and social media links.
  • Intellectual Property: For this, you’ll need to select your brand’s trademark name, trademark type, registration office, and registration number. This information will be essential in making sure Amazon can protect your brand online.
  • Account Characteristics: In this step, you’ll have to provide crucial information about your brand. It will include information such as seller account information, manufacturing details, vendor account details, and countries you’re distributing your products to.

Benefits of Amazon Registry:

  • Amazon Brand Registry:

Amazon Brand Registry is access to tools that allow you to represent your brand more accurately, find and report possible violations, and share information that can help Amazon to prevent violations.

  • Headline Search Ads (HSA):

Headline Search Ads (HSA) helps you to promote your brand to customers with cost-per-click custom ads targeted by keywords. These ads are shown above product search results on mobile applications and desktops.

  • Amazon Stores:

Amazon Stores allows you to create a new shopping experience to showcase your brand and help manage traffic to a unique Amazon webpage.

  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) enables you to create a unique brand story on the product detail page by including enhanced brand content for your branded ASINs.

To learn more about Amazon Brand Registry and its benefit, join our Amazon Webstore Training now.

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