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Minimum Investment For Amazon in Pakistan

The sum of money you need to start an Amazon business depends on where you’re sourcing your products from”.

You can purchase stock to sell on Amazon from a few different sources like retail stores and wholesale suppliers.

If you buy items at local/online retail stores and resell them on Amazon (this is known as retail/online stores business on Amazon).

If you buy items from a company you’re able to resell these products wherever you would like on Amazon stores.

If you modify and customize your own branded products this is a very profitable business on Amazon but you must take care of quality and have to follow Amazon selling guidelines.

There are currently 5 costs directly associated with starting an Amazon business:

  • Buying Initial Inventory.
  • Buying UPC Codes.
  • Opening an Amazon Account.
  • Creating a Logo and Product Branding.
  • Investing in Product Photography.
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