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Amazon SEO: How to Rank Highly for Amazon Searches

Right keywords are very significant to rank on an Amazon first page/search results. 70% of Amazon customers will click on the first-page product results and 60% of customers click the first three products in the search results.

(SEO) organic click share percentage

Amazon algorithm will search your product details to match a customer’s search details to what you are selling. However, it is significant that you provide Amazon with the right product details, information, and right keywords that actual customers will use to search your product.


Before you begin to write and optimize your product list on Amazon, always make sure to establish the key attributes of your product. Read the reviews of other sellers if they are selling similar products. For the highest visibility on the Amazon store, it’s essential to cast as wide a net as feasible.

For example, if you sell a dog (puppy) carrier backpack, keep in mind this item may also be useful for cat lovers and other pet owners, or those who simply love a great present. However always think, what makes my product different from other sellers of the market. Analyze market competition, and read competitor product reviews to find out what features customers are looking for in a product.

(SEO) organic result graph of products)


Awareness keywords are large, top-of-the-funnel search terms. These keyword phrases are 1-3 words and have the highest search amount. However, these keywords have really highest competition too.

They are the most trendy search terms because these terms don’t typically show a high purchase target, it is significant to continue your keyword research always listening to your product on the Amazon marketplace or any other eCommerce platform.

(Keyword explanation phases 1) 


Customers use bullet points to quickly get details about your product. Select the right product detail or benefit that is most relevant to your approaching customer for each one. Think like a buyer, not like a seller. After you create your title, choose keywords for your feature bullet points that are the next most popular (i.e. the keywords with the highest search volume) and highly relevant for this section.


You have more flexibility in your product description each seller uses this space differently. Some choose to go more in-depth on product details while others talk about their brand story, or how to use their product in daily life. The description is where you want to use your relevant, high-volume long-tail keyword phrases and popular adjectives that apply to your product. Because the product description is viewed first on mobile devices, you should also reiterate some of the highlights of your product in this section.

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