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Search Console Report in Google Analytics

Google Analytics also helps you to generate a search engine optimization report where you can monitor how users are reaching your site through Google Search results. Remember: To generate these reports you need to link Your Google Analytics Account with Google Search Console. Learn how to link the Search Console with Google Analytics

The four types of SEO Reports are:
1. Queries reports show which Google search queries display your website URL on SERPs. How many impressions and click your website get from which quires.

2. Landing Page reports show which specific pages of your website mostly appeared on Google Search Result pages. This report is important to identify which webpages of your site are ranked well in Google, and which webpages need more optimization.

3. Countries report provide you’re the geographical detail about the users

4. Device report here you will see that how many users drive on your website from desktop and Smartphone/tablets

This report section you will find under the acquisition < search console. This report is only for Google Organic search

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