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Tips to increase Amazon traffic and sales

A key focus for retailers moving forward should be figuring out how to increase sales on Amazon. The following guide provides some simple tips for you to do just that and to put together a profit-boosting Amazon sales strategy.

Be a Resource

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you need to differentiate your brand from competitors, boost product alertness, and captured your target customers. One way to do this is to grip yourself and your brand as a resource.
Online consumers spend a lot of time researching before making a purchasing decision. If your brand gives consumers all the information they need, you will build their trust in your brand and ultimately become a more successful Amazon retailer.

• Start sending traffic to the content you create
• Value you can provide to others, think about it
• Capture email addresses and start raise leads through email marketing campaigns
• Create a place to publish and share that value
• In each blog post or email, include a compelling call to action

Get Help from Influencers

When consumers research a product, they first look for reviews from trusted sources such as industry leaders, social media influencers, and sometimes celebrities who use the product. Another great way to increase your sales on Amazon is to connect with and grip the well-known influencers in your industry.

• Through the Amazon Associates or Amazon Influencer Programs, you can work with influencers.
• You can conclude influencers and reach out to them manually via email and offer to pay them for creating and sharing sponsored content about your products.
• Using influencer network tools, you can connect with influencers on different social media channels

Try a Sponsored Products Campaign

Creating Amazon Sponsored Products ads can help make your brand more visible than your competitors. Here’s how it works:

• You choose the products you want to advertise, how much you’re willing to spend per click on each ad, and any keywords that you did like to connect to your product.
• Amazon will create sponsored ads that display in high-visibility spots like the first page of a shopper’s search results or at the bottom of a product details page.

Drive More Reviews

Getting a lot of good reviews from your customers and making those reviews visible to probable buyers is a great way to build trust in your brand and by extension increase sales on Amazon. In order to accomplish this, you need a strategy for getting more customers to leave rightful and helpful reviews on your product listing pages. Some ideas on how to get customers to leave reviews:

• Remind people on social media
• Follow up with customers via email
• The products you send to the customers include a note in the package

Optimize for Search

Getting your products to show up to the top of a shopper’s search results can be a sign of your competition. Learn how to optimize your product listings for Amazon’s search engine then is essential for increasing your sales on Amazon. There is a lot to learn when it comes to Amazon search optimization.
Once you have spent some time learning about Amazon search optimization, start updating some of your product listings with relevant keywords and SEO features. Make note of performance before you make any changes.

Create an Unmatched Buying Experience

Selling with other channels, Amazon creates a great buying experience for your customer is a way to stand out amongst competitors. While there is no single match for creating a winning buying experience, there are a number of things that you can do to help build your reputation and make people buy from you than from a competitor. Here are a few ideas:

• Be transparent
• Share your story
• Personalized communication

Write Winning Product Titles and Descriptions

If people are visiting your listing pages but not following through with a purchase, it could be because your copywriting and language are not compelling enough to get people to take action. Making small changes to your product descriptions can have a huge impact on the number of shoppers you convert to customers and increase your sales on Amazon.
Try not to change too much at once. Start small changes by testing different words in your body and headings, but do not completely rewrite your product descriptions.

Leverage Video

In addition to reaching customers through multiple channels, it is also important to reach them through multiple mediums. Your written content with video content is a great way to increase sales on Amazon. When you use video effectively, it helps you to build a more personal relationship with customers, leads to increased sales, and your brand will stand out.
Some types of videos are useful for helping eCommerce companies optimize their listings:

• Film a customer testimonial or case study
• Let customers interact with an event in real-time instead of watching subsequently.
• Interview the company founder or employees
• Highlight a specific product and its features.
• Show customers how to use a product or how to fix a problem a lot of them have

Find the Products That Sell Best, Then Double Down

The best way to boost sales on Amazon is to find out which of your products are selling best and double down on them. If you are struggling to gain, try reducing the number of items you’re selling and create a more targeted marketing strategy that you can use for just a few of your products. If you start seeing the kind of numbers you are looking for after executing your strategy, you can slowly introduce more items again and develop new strategies based on what you have learned along the way.

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