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Turn part time hours into a full time income via amazon FBA

Did you know you can actually make a full-time income selling on Amazon with only part-time hours; there are some Pillars of Making a Full-Time Income Selling on Amazon.

The Proper Foundation

The first step in building anything is to create a solid and secure foundation. Any superior builder will agree that if a building’s foundation is not strong, then the whole building is at risk of fall down, at any moment. The same is close for building up a successful Amazon business; Make sure your foundation is secure before you start adding anything else to the structure of the business.

Upgrade Essential Amazon Skills

There are many different skills Amazon sellers need to improve in order to find long-term success. The most important skills for your inventory include pricing, repricing, sourcing, and other inventory management skills. When you can find the right inventory items and keep that inventory priced competitively, and then you break the code to increasing your inventory sales rapidly and find growth off the heave. You will set up for earning the profits needed to make a full-time income, but you have to focus on it.

Upgrade Essential Non-Amazon Skills

Not all the skills needed to run a successful Amazon business are connected to selling inventory. You also need to be skilled in customer service and be flexible to whatever might come your way. You also need to understand the principle of supply and demand, especially how it impacts prices and inventory on Amazon. You also need to know and understand your numbers in order to make the best overall and specific business decisions. All of these will help you make that jump too full-time with confidence.


When you are a one-person show, you can grow so far. As just one person running an Amazon business, there will be a point where your profits let-up. No matter how hard you work, you won’t be able to find the growth needed to increase your profits more. This is where outsourcing comes in. As an Amazon FBA seller, you’re already outsourcing your inventory storage, customer orders, organization, returns, and other aspects as well. The cool thing is that with selling on Amazon, there are countless ways you can outsource your business so that you are only working a few hours per week.

The Full-Time FBA Mindset

Most people are interested in learning. But the reality is that mindset is actually the secret component to making a full-time income in almost any area of life, and especially as an Amazon. The positive news is that the right mindset can be learned. It’s possible to change your way of thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Maintaining Success

Any good builder will tell you that once a building has been completed, the job of keeping the building in good shape is never over. Everything from the inside to the outside of the building needs to be properly maintained in order for the building to last longer. The same framework applies to your Amazon business, once you have accomplished a full-time income; you still need to work on a certain side of your business so as not to destroy ongoing success.
So there are some of the pillars of making a full-time income with only part-time hours selling on Amazon. Just like the pillars of building support that building, so these 6 pillars will help support your journey to making Amazon your source of full-time income.

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