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What Are Google Ads?

So, you’ve begun your journey into the world of Google Paid Marketing. Google Ads is an addictive and profit-oriented marketing platform. Although Google announced new paid ad updates so it can be quite challenging to remain on top of what’s working and what’s not.

Firstly lets us tell teach you how to make a profit for your company through Google Ads.

Initially, you need to know what “PPC” is. PPC stands for Pay-per-click. A model of online marketing in which advertisers have to pay a fee for each click.

Let make it simple, PPC is a way to buying traffic on your site, instead of getting those visitors organically or with SEO or Social media site.

Let’s talk in detail now, Search engine advertising (e.g Google) is one of the most popular forms of paid marketing. It allows marketers to bid for the placement of their ads on the top of the search engine (where paid ads displayed). Whenever a user searches for something related to your company’s business, the Search engine will display your website.

You all will agree with this statement “it’s a lot easier and quicker way to drive traffic on a specific page of your With the help of PPC advertisement than to optimize it with SEO (organic search) and trying to rank your website on the top of SERP.

For Example: If we want to drive more traffic on this page, we might bid on keywords like “what is PPC”, or “ what is Google Ads”. And if someone asks the same query on the Google search engine then this page URL will display to the user at the very top of the search engine result page, because we have to pay for it.

More About Google Ads:

Google Ads is the first choice of marketers for paid marketing all around the world. Either Amazon or Nike, Google Ads is the perfect paid marketing solution for everyone who wants to sell anything online.

Also, this platform is open for everyone, who wants to pay for it. Big corporation, new startup office, small shops. Anyone can use this platform to advertise their stuff on Google.

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