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Amazon Prime Membership

In the event that you are a seller of Amazon Prime, you should know how significant is Amazon’s Prime membership for the achievement of your business.

For better understanding Amazon buyers/consumers, we’re taking a gander at the consolidated mentality of Amazon Prime’s especially loyal consumers, and comparing it with that of Amazon’s non-Prime clients.

Amazon Prime Seller


Prime members have a close liking with Amazon

  • 84% of Amazon Prime members said they esteem having the option to shop on Amazon (contrasted with 52% of non-Prime members).
  • If they could just ever shop from a solitary store, 67% of Prime members said they would pick Amazon (contrasted with 32% of non-Prime members who said the equivalent).
  • However, 85% of Amazon Prime members intend to keep their Amazon Prime memberships for at any rate an additional three months.


Prime Members are getting progressively loyal

Since the beginning of COVID-19, numerous customers (66% of Prime members and 33% of non-Prime members) have built up a more prominent appreciation for Amazon.

Indeed, 8% of all U.S. shoppers subscribed to Amazon Prime since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally more than double the quantity of Prime members (68%) said that Amazon gave them access to items they couldn’t get somewhere else during COVID-19 time. Although non-Prime members are less dependent on the Amazon Platform, with simply 32% saying Amazon offered them what other stores are unable to provide.

Prime members like Amazon such a great amount of that, regarding Amazon Prime Day 2020, 60% of them state they’re as of now wanting to shop on that day. The positive emotions Prime members have for Amazon don’t simply end there, however. Increasingly Prime individuals (82%) think Amazon is a decent organization for consumers, as well.


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