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Become a Professional Freelancer for Amazon Webstore

There are many tasks a freelancer can do on Amazon, from admin to content creation, product sourcing, customer service, and whatever your creativity extends to. The most important job a freelancer can do is to give Virtual Assistance to other clients on Amazon.

Listing Optimization

There are many kinds of problems that can appear with Amazon product listings, as you will find if you pitch into any of the vendor forums. The difficulty for FBA owners is that you may have so much happened in your business that you simply don’t have time to manage any listing issues, or you have many products listed and do not notice in a timely fashion when something is up.
Hiring an Amazon VA could be a good resource for tracking your product listings and being alert to what is going on. An Amazon Virtual Assistant would notice when inventory is becoming old and need to be sold off when there is an unpredictable drop in revenues for an item that requires a change to the listing or price, or even just when listings could do with an update with pictures or text.

Social media management

If you get a virtual Assistant who is skilled with handling social media, you can have them help you with posting, responding to feedback or messages, or setting together marketing campaigns and paid advertising. You can have your Amazon virtual Assistant capturing your results on social media, preparing reports, and generally helping you to stay on top of what is working and what isn’t.

Customer service

I do not have virtual assistance spending a lot of time on this in my business. Because I don’t find it takes a lot of time. Most issues are handled by Amazon which fulfills almost all my orders. Therefore, I wouldn’t set this as a priority for Virtual Assistance to handle.
Customer service can be a great aspect of how your time is spent in your FBA business. You definitely answering various questions on Amazon, responding to feedback, or handling customer service problems through e-mail. This is a job of VA that constantly must be executed, so if you are not delegating it out to an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you are going to be spending plenty of time managing it yourself.

Product Sourcing

The maximum amount of time spent by my team is on product sourcing. I would say that this is probably the most difficult task to train a Virtual Assistance in, and also one of the easiest ways to outsource in the form of deal sheets. You hire a virtual assistant for product sourcing or down to personal preference.
This VA person will be assigned to discover products to purchase at a wholesale price and promote on Amazon. To make the process of researching products is less difficult, you can use a number of applications. The virtual assistant will be settled with vendors to get the best deals that are valuable for your online business.

Lots of Admin

I think this is the most important thing to outsource because it is easy to do and is a set of repeated tasks that do not generate a profit. You can easily create a video showing a virtual assistant that how you accommodate a shipment. However, it will take a long time to get a VA sourcing as well as you did like them to.
It is simple to get a virtual assistant to do admin tasks. These tasks are also very important. If you don’t do adjustments, inventory shipment, pricing, etc., your profitability will suffer.

Enhanced Brand Content Creation

A+ or Enhanced Brand Content is an Amazon feature that allows sellers to upgrade their listings with great content. You can hire a virtual assistant to work on creating high-quality images and product descriptions and titles, HD videos, and more to make your product listings more effective.

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