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Sell on Amazon | Build Your Ecommerce Business

An e-commerce business used to require a great budget and many people for new businesses to get started, but those days have long passed. Now, we do not have to buy our products before we begin to sell them. It is because of the drop shipping, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to work directly with suppliers to have products purchased and shipped to their customers without seeing the products.

Create a Business Plan

To start a Fulfillment by Amazon business, you have a plan to ensure everything on the right track. A business plan should include your business mission, market analysis, products, services, sales, and financial plan, etc.
You have to research the market that what kind of products you want to sell, get to know your competitors, check the trends, and figure out, how much you want to spend on product sourcing, promotion, and marketing. Try to create a brutal plan for your relevant business activities and business schedule.

Find Your Niche

To sell on Fulfillment by Amazon, you need to find a profit-making niche as it matters your success. For a profit-making business, you need to do market research and find relevant competitive products that place your interests and passion.
You have to know the product trend and study its emotional impact. Find the selling point or create a new selling point to make it viral on the market. We suggest you do not involve in seasonal and fragile products. How drop-shipping works with third-party marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, and Amazon.

Start Market Research

Once you decide on your niche, you have to verify it on the market through market research. Over a period of time, Keep track of competitor sales. Tracking your competitors will give you a more logical view of the market, segment, or niche.

Identify Product Suppliers

Once you decide on your niche, you have to find your product supplier. There are several ways to find supplier information. You can find suppliers on eBay, Alibaba, and other Business 2 Business platforms. You will automatically find a few potential suppliers. Get their background info and contact info if possible.
You could also search your product supplier on Google or get contacts with suppliers at trade shows. It is a great way for you to have detailed communication with the supplier and get to know their products. You have to correspond with these suppliers to find the best one for you. Make phone calls, send emails, and visit the suppliers. Try to identify the best one and avoid scammers

Place Orders

Once you select your supplier, you need to place an order.
The first order should not be large, you can place a small order and use it to investigate the market and get relevant feedback from customers. This is a great way to know the market with your products. Contact daily with your supplier to avoid misunderstandings and get product manufacturing updates.

Register an Amazon Account

If you do not have an Amazon seller account, you have to register as an Amazon seller account first. There are two types of accounts, individual seller or pro seller. For individuals, Amazon will charge about $1 for each item you sell on Amazon. For Pro seller, it includes more features and Amazon charges $39.99 per month. You can choose the account based on your business budget.

Create Product Listing

After the opening, your Amazon seller central account you have to create product listings to add your items to the platform. There are many parts to creating your listing. You have to include high-resolution and clear images. If you don’t have many items, you can list them manually. If you have many items, you can upload an excel sheet that contains each of your items. Try to provide enough information about your products and make your product listing appealing.

Manage Your Inventory

Fulfillment by Amazon sellers has to pay special attention to their inventory. Try to handle your inventory properly. It is essential for you to ensure you have enough to sell and keep your product inventory level available for your market and sales.
Your inventory level will decrease on Amazon as orders are placed. Make sure that your inventory level will be updated regularly to show the availability of the item on your product listing page.

Follow up Customer Reviews

Customers are likely referred to the feedback left by other buyers who have bought the item before. Customer reviews on Amazon are important for your business. It is a status that you have built among your target customers.
These are social proof for your products and business. You need to follow up on the shopping experience of the buyer so that they leave their feedback.
There are some ways for you to do this. You can send emails to the customers to get to know their comments about your products, quality, and services.

Optimize Product Listings

Optimization is really very important on amazon for Amazon sellers.
Start with keyword research and find appropriate keywords and insert them into your product titles, descriptions, features, etc.
The relevant keywords of your products matters to your product visibility and sales. Clear and tagged Images are important too. You are allowed to use 5 to 7 images of the product from different angles and contexts and to display the feature, size, and designs of your products. Try to make it appealing and clear to customers.
When you are adding product features, always display the most important information that the customers want to know. Show the value of your products, put yourself into the shoes of the shoppers, and include the guarantees and warranty of your offerings.

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