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Prerequisite for hiring the best Amazon VA

When you are growing your Amazon business, there are much more tasks that can eat up your time. One of the first hires many business people make is a virtual assistant.

Customer Service Tasks

You may need a virtual assistant specialized in customer service to help you reply or send emails, messages, or reviews. This virtual assistant needs to be customer-oriented. The onboarding will be concentrated on those sections and tools in Seller Central. Here is a list of tasks that could be assigned to a customer service specialist person:

• Create Message Templates
• Answer the Questions Which Customer Asked
• Reply On Positive Reviews
• Reply On Negative Reviews
• Match Orders To Reviews
• Reply The Customer Positive Feedback
• Deals With Customer Negative Feedback
• Shipping Out FBA Units, Manually
• Creates Removal Orders
• Locate All The Past Orders
• Confirms FBM Orders
• Cancelled FBM Orders
• Refund on Orders

Content Writing Tasks

Unique content for your blogs, eBook, Amazon listing or course may be the trademark of an impressive brand. You need someone who is an expert in writing an original copy that matches the language of your brand and can identify with your target market. Some of the tasks of a content writer have to do is:

• Writing Content For Product Listings on Amazon
• Creating a Product
• Messages For Email Marketing

Sponsored Ads Optimizer

This type of virtual assistant should have a basic understanding of what sponsored advertisement is. If you are hiring someone new to do this for you, Keyword research is an obvious need here. Tasks of a sponsored advertisement optimizer include the following:

• Set-Up A Campaign
• Analyze The Campaigns
• Set-Up Negative Key Terms

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

We are maximizing Amazon’s potential, Google search engine traffic creates a great opportunity for online sellers like you. This type of virtual assistant should be able to understand how to play with keywords to ensure the visibility of your website, social media posts, product listings, and blogs away from Amazon so that your products have a presence on Amazon.

• SEO Optimization and Keyword Research
• Link Building
• Social Book-marking

Social Media Manager

This type of virtual assistant is also assigned for your online business presence away from amazon. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages need to be updated from time to time. Your business needs to be online to answer customer queries, suggestions, complaints, etc. and it is important for you to personally attend to the needs of your customers. You also need to do things that are more important than updating a Facebook status, confirming or adding friends, uploading photos of new products, and the like. Get a virtual assistant dedicated to do these time-consuming tasks for you.

Product Sources

This virtual assistant will be hired to find products to buy at a wholesale price and sell on Amazon. The virtual assistant (VA) will settle with suppliers to secure the best deals that are profitable for your online business. Hire someone who has good experience in the same field either online or offline. You want to look in China or the Philippines to find this type of virtual assistant. These are some of the important responsibilities of product sources:

• Research a Product
• Negotiate With Suppliers
• Secure the Samples

Fulfillment Agent

Fulfillment Agent is a type of virtual assistant that sends products to Amazon. You don’t want your products to run out in your inventory so you have to assign a virtual assistant to monitor them. Here are some of the tasks of a fulfillment agent:

• Sending FBA Inventory
• For Each Unit, Downloads Amazon Barcodes
• Downloads A Shipping Label
• Track The Shipments
• Check All The Units Received
• Check, How Many Units Are In FBA

Visual Tasks

A graphic designer has to make your company logo, site header images, featured images, and others. Hire someone who has both photography and graphic designing skills. He has an important role in terms of branding your online business. Some of the tasks of this type of virtual assistant (VA) is:

• Design a Logo
• List an Image
• Info-graphics
• EBook Creation and Course Covers

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